Business Development

Business Development is the process of creating opportunities for growth!
You may wish to review your strategy for growth or request support in defining it? Is your sales force sized for your ambition? Product portfolio is consistent with increased revenue objectives? Are your Marketing, Sales (front & back office) and production processes aligned for growth? Is your organisational structure lean (roles defined, no overlaps, activities not excessively discriminated)? Are strategic & market segmentations completed? Are external & internal diagnoses completed? Branding strategy definition? Would you like to benefit from an exisitng international network (United-States, Canada, Brazil, United-Kingdom, France, Spain, Norway, etc) and gain years on your deployment?

Together, we will provide profitable answers to these questions, as well as others relating to your market understanding!



Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value. 

Is your organisation is ready to "think outside of the box"? This condition should not be taken for granted!

What strategy results from patent surveys? How could you implement sustainable entry barriers? Are the appropriate channels (Sales, Marketing, R&D) implemented to feed innovation? Would you benefit from a neutral technical point of view during design & engineering reviews? Are your product & services development plans in line with your Business Development objectives?

Omega Consulting Intl. will also patent solutions in its specific fields of expertise, generating added value for itself and for its partners.


Project Management

You understand your environment (Business Development), gaps are being addressed (Innovation). You require an experienced professional to maintain your progress on track, reach or exceed costs, quality, timing objectives supported by high-achieving reporting? Transverse Management relies on authority. Team building is based on inter-personnal skills & personnality. Entrust your projects (R&D, development, specification, engineering) to a partner who demonstrates numerous achievements.



Enhance your sales team speech & body language effectiveness. Clarify concepts & roles (Business Development, Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing, Management) to reflect on your organisational structure. Review your recruitment & evaluation processes in light of latest occupational psychology findings. Provide a profound understanding of marketing concepts & tools to free your teams’ initiatives.

Strucuture vs. people?  A solid team will exceed expectations !